ABOUT LIVING INSTITUTE LIVING INSTITUTE was founded in 2004. We are a small boutique consultancy and from day one it has been our job to improve our client’s ability to enhance diversity in their organisation and profit from it.
We do so by enabling companies and the people in them to conduct business effectively by disseminating applied diversity intelligence.
We strongly support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and we are especially occupied with SDG #5: Gender Equality

WHAT WE DO As a market leader LIVING INSTITUTE provides training and counseling to a large number of companies with a diversity agenda and an ambition to enhance diversity and inclusion on all levels in the organization.

OUR SOLUTIONS We offer a wide range of high quality solutions covering various aspects of a diverse working environment. Check our Culture, Gender, Inclusive Leadership and Talks sections for the full list of services.

OUR MANTRA Evidence-based knowledge made practically applicable – or in other words: Applied diversity intelligence. That means we have a strong focus on results, tools, new mindsets and achieving behavioural changes.

OUR CONSULTANTS The consultants and counselors in LIVING INSTITUTE´s faculty have a profound hands on experience from businesses around the globe on top of an academic degree.
Our consultants and trainers are all excellent facilitators and skilled designers of impactful solutions resulting in behavioral changes.
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OUR CLIENTS AND CASES Click here and see who our clients are – and here to see how we have helped our clients.

OUR GLOBAL TASK FORCE The increase in global activities have resulted in the formation of LIVING INSTITUTE’s global task force. Teams of specialists traveling all over the world to solve tasks on location for our international clients.

OUR HISTORY LIVING INSTITUTE was founded in April 2004 as a provider of high quality solutions, training and workshops in general cultural awareness and country specific cross-cultural training.

In the early years LIVING INSTITUTE focused on cross-cultural training and the wellbeing of expatriate families during the transition process aiming to increase the retention rate, but over the recent years we have extended our services to enhancement of intercultural competencies and of gender balance at all levels in the organization.

From being a company mainly focussing on personal issues related to international assignments LIVING INSTITUTE is now working in the field of enhancement of cross-culture competencies and creating gender balance in a broader sense.

In 2014 we introduced new solutions for companies with an ambition to create a gender balanced organisation. Also, in 2014 we made it possible to become culturally intelligent when ever you want and where ever you are by introducing five online courses.