Let’s partner up and make big changes

If your organisation has a compelling commitment to advance diversity and inclusion and gender balance – and a need to make the right decisions to implement verifiable impactful solutions, LIVING INSTITUTE may very well be the partner you are looking for.


  • Alignment and Synchronization around diversity goals and ambitions

  • Building a strategy to drive change and transformation

  • Identifying blind spots and reducing unconscious biases

  • Creating the healthy pipeline: How to leverage the best talents?

  • Enhanced gender blind and bias resistant recruitment processes

  • Formulating guidelines and implementing diversity intelligent processes and practices

  • Propagate Inclusive Leadership Behaviours 



  • Identify and minimise unconscious biases and blind spots

  • Gain knowledge and competencies to change a company culture favouring one gender instead of celebrating differences

  • Create an inclusive culture where both everyone feels valued and enabled to release their full potential

  • Consolidate unbiased promotion at recruiting practices

  • Have the knowledge of how to create a healthy gender balanced talent pipeline

  • Secure that your organisation mirrors the markets and clients

  • Mobilise both men and women in advancing diversity and inclusion at all levels

See the effect and how easy/difficult it is to implement various initiatives to create gender balance here:

(The numbers in the circles show the order in which they should be implemented to have the highest impact)



  • Profitability: 25%-36% more likely to outperform on profitability (I)

  • Innovation: Up to 20% higher rate of innovationIII and 19% higher innovation revenues (II)

  • Decision-making: Up to 30% greater ability of spotting and reducing business risks (III)

  • Employee engagement: Statistically significant causal relationship with engagement and retention, for all employees (IV)

I: McKinsey & Company, Diversity Wins: How inclusion matters, 2020
II: Rocio Lorenzo and Martin Reeves, “How And Where Diversity Drives Financial Performance,” Harvard Business Review, 2018, https://hbr.org/2018/01/how-and-where-diversity-drives-financialperformance
III: Deloitte, Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight Powerful Truths, 2018
IV: Deloitte, The role of diversity practices and inclusion in promoting trust and employee engagement, 2015.

We offer counseling, impactful tailored solutions, training and workshops to enhance diversity from top to bottom. 


“We have had great benefit from LIVING INSTITUTE’s facilitation of synchronisation processes for our board as well as knowledge transfer and sparring given to our administration. Also LIVING INSTITUTE has facilitated workshops for both staff and special associations.
LIVING INSTITUTE manages in an inspiring and motivating way to facilitate and inspire us in our work to improve the diversity in the entire organisation.”
– Morten Mølholm, managing director, Sports Confederation Denmark (DIF)

“I truly appreciate and admire Heidi’s dedication and commitment to making research-based knowledge practically applicable. Learning about both cultural and gender intelligence from Heidi has opened my eyes to the widespread, untapped benefits of diversity in the workforce.”
– Paige Hartnett, DIS, Colby College (Sociology)

“Heidi is a dynamic facilitator, portraying her innovative insight with an openness and approachability that really engaged the class. She’s an inspiration to our class for venturing into a unique space of the business world and carving out a niche that betters society!”
– Claire Larson, DIS; Vanderbilt University (Economics)

“Heidi is a true example of a woman in leadership who is changing the world; her presence as a speaker was engaging and her topics of interest were extremely thought-provoking. I especially liked talking about cultural intelligence and the need to focus on changing the unconscious biased minds of men.”
– Sarah A. Felhofer, DIS, University of St. Thomas (Neurobiology)