Virtual workshop – 8 facilitated webinar modules Q1 2021

Get the knowledge and the tools to be a capable and successful diversity champion

What this master class is about:

  • How to get full buy in from top management

  • How to attract the talents your company crave for

  • How to retain the talents

  • How to train others to reduce unconscious bias

  • How to create gender balance on all levels in the organization

  • How to mobilize everyone in the battle for equality and inclusivity

  • How to create a true culture of inclusion where everyone feel they belong regardless of who they are


The four-day D&I Master Class meets the demands of HR professionals with a key role in introducing and implementing D&I programs in the organization. 

The program consists of 3 modules facilitated over 4 days:

Module #1
The DNA of D&I
Drivers and Barriers

Module #2
Databased D&I transformation
Inclusive Leadership – the key to deep transformation

Eliminating the barriers – create a culture of inclusion by reducing unconscious bias and other barriers to inclusivity

Module #3
Unconscious Bias I – all you need to know

Module #4
Unconscious Bias II – all you need to do

Module #5
Creating Gender Balance. Accelerating gender balance – barriers and drivers

Module #6
Gender Balance – creating results; 13 dos and 4 don’ts

Module #7
Mechanisms and dynamics of inclusion

Identity, Power and Inclusion – the dynamics in teams and organizations

Building trust and psychological saftety in human systems

Module #8
 The Best Practice D&I Roadmap:

The 4 components of transformational changes:

  • Drive – the business case and bottom line and the push from the top. Gap analysis – map the gaps and set the goals

  • Insights – identify the solutions, the initiatives, the diversity dimensions, best practice, science and the stakeholders in your organization

  • Strategy – design the right way for your organisation to meet your goals

  • Action – implement the right solutions and follow up on results


All courses and modules are developed specifically D&I Master Class by accomplished business executives, entrepreneurs and consultants with strong academic background. Materials used are research-based and practical methods are tried and tested.

We use:

  • Quantitative statistics and qualitative processes

  • Research based knowledge made practically applicable

  • Experiential learning exercises developed by internationally renowned psychologists and actors


It’s the most comprehensive and qualitatively most demanding course I’ve seen so far on the topic of D&I !
I wish, I had visited your Masterclass two years ago when I started to work on this topic and designed the lectures for my business master students
I would definitely recommend the Masterclass to HR Managers and D&I Managers working in multicultural companies, as well as to change agents and consultants facilitating D&I in their organizations!

Aleksandra, D&I Expert, Germany
D&I Champion Feb. 2020

“A very comprehensive course with an extraordinary amount of expert knowledge giving lots of food for thought about how to work with D&I in your own organization. I will definitely recommend this master class to others!”

Tina Schelle, Communications Danish Composers’ Society
D&I Champion Nov. 2020

It was a great experience for me, I really enjoyed every module, and I’m back now with a lot of practical knowledge to implement in Chile”

Marilen, HR consultant, Chile
D&I Champion Feb. 2020

“Very clear, overall and also hands-on tools to drive the D&I agenda, especially with the *wheel and also the flexibility which is needed to jump between the 4 quarters from time to time

Nadine, Global Business Partner, Denmark
D&I Champion Feb. 2020

* The 4 step wheel of D&I Transformation