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– a  Master Class and Certification for Change Agents 

Starting February 28th – Ending April 18th 2023

Create and accelerate a Culture of Inclusion

This dynamic Master Class is a certification program designed for organizational change agents and HR professionals supporting radical change in organizations with ambitious DEI goals.

As a certified DEI Champion, you know how to initiate and support a culture change by mobilizing and engaging everyone in your organization.

As a result of your work, the inclusion and belonging levels in your company will increase and grow year by year until your targets are met.

The certification meets the demands of HR professionals with a key role in introducing, implementing, and supporting diversity and inclusion in the organization:

The elements of DEI Master Class:

    • The business case of inclusion and diversity

    • The drivers, enablers and barriers towards inclusivity

    • The power of basing DEI initiatives on data

    • The four elements of Best Practice DEI Roadmap: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action

    • The 13 dos and 4 don’ts of creating gender balance at the top

    • The mechanisms and dynamics of privilege and power

    • The DEI Roadmap design based on the participants’ organizational challenges, targets, goals and timelines

Download the program here >>

After you have completed the program you are automatically a member of the Global Network of Certified DEI Champions meeting up 4 times a year.

Price per person: € 3.800 + vat including first year’s membership of the Global DEI Champion Alumni Network


Hourly Schedule

Time Schedule - CET

1PM - 4PM
February 28th
Module 1: What is Diversity Intelligence?
1PM - 4PM
March 7th
Module 2: Impactful Initiatives, Using data to drive your DEI journey
1PM - 4PM
March 14th
Module 3: Impactful Initiatives, Unconscious Bias Training
1PM - 4PM
March 21st
Module 4: Impactful Initiatives, Accelerating Gender Balance
1PM - 4PM
March 28th
Module 5: Impactful Initiatives, Mobilizing Allies
1PM - 4PM
April 11th
Module 6: Impactful Initiatives, Inclusive Leadership
1PM - 4PM
April 18th
Module 7: Designing Your DEI Roadmap



Feb 28 2023 - Apr 18 2023




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September 2024
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