Webinar: Feedback in a Diversity Context

Join us for this 60-minute webinar that explores the critical role of feedback in a diverse and inclusive work environment. Discover strategies to give and receive feedback that acknowledges, respects, and embraces diversity, ultimately leading to a more equitable, innovative, and productive workplace.

We will discuss

  • Cultural Nuances in Feedback: Explore how cultural backgrounds shape the way feedback is given and received. Learn strategies to acknowledge and respect these differences, enhancing communication and collaboration across boarders and diverse teams.
  • Overcoming Gender-Biased Feedback: Unpack the realities of gender biases in feedback processes and discover actionable steps to eliminate them, ensuring that feedback is fair, empowering, and productive for everyone.
  • Generational Feedback Expectations: Understand the varied expectations different generations have regarding feedback.
  • Blueprint for Inclusive Feedback: 3 Steps to productive and inclusive feedback.

Who is it for

  • Leaders and Managers seeking to enhance team dynamics and performance
  • HR Professionals and DEI Practitioners

Read more about your facilitator Kasper Jelsbech here

NB: The webinar is in English

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Apr 17 2024


13:00 - 14:00


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