– 2 impactful mobility solutions for the employee and his/her family

#1. Counseling for Expats in Denmark 

Getting a head start makes it so much more fun to explore your new life here: the places, the people the mindsets and cultural peculiarities, private and at work.

This counseling program will give you the essential knowledge about your new country and it’s inhabitants. It is up to you to learn more and to fact-check what you already know by living your life here.

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ALSO: Join a Danish Living Crash Course about cracking the code to the Danish mindset at work and in private.

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#2. Expatriate Counseling – preparation before moving abroad 

One day of counseling, cross-culture training and preparation for your new life abroad with or without your family. When combined with country specific training the results get even better!

For information and bookings contact: Heidi Rottbøll Andersen, hra@livinginstitute.com +45 35 26 26 26


Read how we’ve helped employees and their families prepare for living and working abroad:

#1. Expatriate Counseling

An employee in a large Scandinavian bank is posted in Luxembourg with his family.

Together with an expert from Luxembourg our counsellor conducts a one-day workshop preparing the family for the new life in an unfamiliar culture.
She also assists the couple in the process of aligning expectations and concerns while preparing for the various phases of the expat cycle.

The counseling session took place in Stockholm.

#2. “Helping highly educated foreigners thrive in Denmark”

On a monthly basis two large Danish manufacturing companies situated in Jutland and on Zealand offer Danish Living Crash Courses to their newcoming foreign employees and their spouses focusing on Danish working culture, values and mentality.
The aim is to give their new colleagues a head start in Denmark.

LIVING INSTITUTE facilitates a one-day workshop for the members of the company’s expat club, covering Danish culture and mentality; Danish working culture and social activities in the neighborhood.

#3. Expatriate Counseling

“Two families preparing for their new life in South Africa”

LIVING INSTITUTE designs and conducts two individual counseling sessions. One for the working spouses (one day) and one for their partners (half day).

During the first session -“Doing Business in South Africa” – for the working spouses, who have as task the opening of a sales office in cape Town, the main cultural differences relevant to their situation are mapped. In addition, all important aspects and differences in the business culture (relationship building, recruitment, leadership style etc) are identified and discussed.

During the second session for the accompanying spouses, strategies for creating a successful adaption and expatriation for the two families are designed.

#4. Expatriate Counseling: “A Danish family relocating to Bangalore, India”

LIVING INSTITUTE facilitates a one-and-a-half day workshop, focusing on the differences and similarities of Danish and Indian cultures and the expatriation process:

– How to adapt as a family to a new life in a new culture?

– What are the potential pitfalls?

– How to nurse the relations in Denmark eg family, friends and colleagues?

– How to reconcile with a new role as expatriate spouse with a career but no job?

#5. Optimizing integration of foreigners in Western Jutland

Many employees in municipalities and job centers are responsible for integrating foreign employees and their families into the local community and assure that they thrive – both at work and in private.

To ensure a fruitful and constructive dialogue with the families, it is essential that the public employees have the necessary knowledge on how to handle the practicalities related to the integration process in a culturally intelligent way.

LIVING INSTITUTE facilitates a workshop at the local business association for all relevant stakeholders
During the workshop, the tools and the basic knowledge about optimizing the integration process of the newcomers are elaborated.

#6. Expatriate Counselling: “A Danish VP and his family relocating to the USA”

LIVING INSTITUTE meets the Danish VP and his family prior to their expatriation to the USA to discuss and find solutions on:
– How to tackle  effectively the challenges of the expatriation?
– How to turn this experience into a personal, professional and family success?

#7. Analysis on repatriation: “Re-entry and retention of employees returning from a posting abroad”

A Danish contractor faces the challenge of loosing up to 41 percent of its employees returning home from postings abroad.

Question: How do we retain the employees and managers after their return?

LIVING INSTITUTE conducts a qualitative analysis of what it takes to retain the employees who have been abroad.

Since 2004, LIVING INSTITUTE has advised employees and their partners on how to get the best out of their new life in a new country and in a new culture.