Debate | There is a lack of diversity when managers spot talent amongst their employees, and this may affect the bottom line

Børsen, August 19th 2022
If you are at work, take a quick look at your colleagues around you. Do you see a division of them in A and B teams?

We all have favorites

The A team members have a lot in common with your leader. They get more ‘airtime’ with your leader, they get more interesting and promotable tasks – they may even get the same haircut as your leader (a story from real life). Research shows that up to 70% leaders unconsciously divide team members into A and B teams, unintentionally.

In my op-ed in #Børsen today you can read more about the consequences of having A and B teams in the workplace, how to stop it, and how to cure the echo chamber syndrome they have caused.

The magic pill

Spoiler alert:
Magic pill = introducing mandatory impactful inclusive leadership programs for all leaders in the organisation.

Oh, and did you see a division of your colleagues in A and B teams when you took a closer look?