Podcast: The Diversity Virus – And why you want to catch it – Recruitment Case Study with Maersk Management Consulting (MMC)

Not too long ago, Maersk Management Consulting (MMC) realized they had a diversity and inclusion problem. There was a gender imbalance in the team, and the recruitment process impacted this issue. They needed to change the way they recruited if they wanted to attract a more diverse audience. Based on this acknowledgment, MMC embarked on a change led by the Growth Enablement Manager at MMC, Ida Marie Elgaard Eghammer. Looking for solutions, Ida Marie contacted Living Institute.

Staggering results at Maersk MMC:

Within just a few years, they almost doubled the number of applicants, increased the number of nationalities in the teams from 15 to more than 20, and the share of women in the team rose from 11% to 23%. Listen to Ida Marie and Heidi R. Andersen telling Tigerhall’s Pippa Woodhead about MMC’s journey towards a fairer recruitment process and a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. You’ll learn how MMC transformed its team and recruitment processes with a focus on DEIB.

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