Who We Are

Heidi R. Andersen

Heidi R. Andersen, Founding Partner and Chief Consultant is an accomplished author, keynote speaker, and lecturer who has made significant contributions to the field of diversity intelligence. With a focus on enhancing gender balance, inclusivity, and diversity intelligence in organizations, Heidi is a sought-after expert in her field.

Her book, “Diversity Intelligence How to Create a Culture of Inclusion for Your Business” (Wiley 2021), is a step-by-step guide that helps organizations worldwide foster a culture of inclusion and enhance diversity, equity, and belonging. The book is on the recommended read list of 238 accredited business schools and universities, including prestigious institutions such as Insead, Oxford University, London Business School, and Said Business School.

Heidi has a wealth of experience working with private organizations, including co-founding several cultural institutions. She studied Strategy, Growth, and Great Change Leadership Strategies on Innovation at Wharton Business School and is a certified LEGO Serious Play Practitioner.

As a member of LIVING INSTITUTE’s Global Task Force, Heidi has facilitated diversity solutions for a range of organizations, including Engie, Hydro, Deloitte, Econ, Novo Nordisk, Esprit, Vestas, SAP, Carlsberg, Rockwool, LEGO, Rambøll, L’Oreal, Bayer, Fortum, Danfoss, Grundfos, Skov, Leo Pharma, Danske Bank, Nordea, SimCorp, The Danish Composer’s Society, Siemens, Symphogen, Denmarks Technical University, Copenhagen Business School, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmarks Sports Confederation, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to her work as an author and consultant, Heidi regularly lectures on Diversity Intelligence and Cross-culture Communication at Copenhagen Business School. Heidi is also a member of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Advisory Board of the Federation of Danish Industry, further highlighting her commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive world.


“I truly appreciate and admire Heidi’s dedication and commitment to making research-based knowledge practically applicable. Learning about both cultural and gender intelligence from Heidi has opened my eyes to the widespread, untapped benefits of diversity in the workforce.”
– Paige Hartnett, DIS, Colby College (Sociology)

“Heidi is a dynamic speaker, portraying her innovative insight with openness and approachability that really engaged the class. She’s an inspiration to our class for venturing into a unique space of the business world and carving out a niche that betters society!”
– Claire Larson, DIS; Vanderbilt University (Economics)

“Heidi is a true example of a woman in leadership who is changing the world; her presence as a speaker was engaging, and her topics of interest were extremely thought-provoking. I especially liked talking about cultural intelligence and the need to focus on changing the unconscious biased minds of men.”
– Sarah A. Felhofer, DIS, University of St. Thomas (Neurobiology)