Permission terms

Consent to the processing of your personal data in connection with the DEI Survey at your place of employment and conducted by the Living Institute

In connection with your participation in this Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Survey conducted by the LIVING INSTITUTE on behalf of your place of employment (here referred to as “the organization”), we require your consent to our processing of your personal data pursuant to the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The purpose of the DEI Survey is to assess your experience of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion while working at the organization.

  • Diversity refers to differences in various personal traits such as age, gender, nationality, race and ethnicity, religion, and other identity-related aspects of who you are.
  • Equity refers to the practice of offering everyone fair opportunities for career growth and advancement. In other words, recognizing that people may have different needs, without giving anyone an unfair advantage over others to develop their career.
  • Inclusion refers to your experience of being recognised for your unique contribution and skills, as well as your sense of belonging and feeling part of your team of colleagues. In other words, how much you feel valued and treated with respect in your workplace. 

The data from the DEI survey is essential for optimizing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policies and initiatives by tracking progress over time.

Although we will ask about your personal experiences and identity-related information, all data will be handled with confidentiality by the LIVING INSTITUTE and in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Your organization will not receive data where your personal information is disclosed at any point in time. Your organization will only receive data in an aggregated form (e.g., “54% of men at the company perceive that…”), and only if the number of respondents is large enough to ensure anonymity. Written comments will, however, be shown to your organization. For that reason please refrain from disclosing any personal information in your written comments. 

According to the Danish Data Protection Agency, you have a number of rights regarding your own data. These can in some situations be activated. However, since we do not store any information such as email addresses or IP addresses, it is unlikely that we can retrace and locate your individual data after submitting your responses.

By clicking “Next” in the survey window you consent to the LIVING INSTITUTE registering and processing your personal data for the survey purpose referred to above and according articles §6.1a and §9.2a of the EU GDPRFurthermore, you consent to processing taking place in the following ways:

  • You consent to your anonymized personal data being included in company reports.
  • You consent to the storing of your anonymized personal data in a database for use in new research projects for statistical purposes.
  • You consent to other publication of your personal data in a anonymized form for statistical purposes.

Since we do not store any identifying information such as email address or IP address, we will not be able to retrace your individual responses once you have submitted them.

If you do not consent, you can close this window and exit the survey. 

Any questions can be directed to Data Manager, Maria Sterndorff:

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